June 15th, 2014

Eldarion and Aragorn

The Reluctant Scholar

The Reluctant Scholar

B2MeM Challenge: Tradition.

"Then it was that the Noldor first bethought them of letters, and Rúmil of Tirion was the name of the loremaster who first achieved fitting signs for the recording of speech and song, some for graving upon metal or in stone, others for drawing with brush or with pen."

Format: ficlet

Genre: humour,family.

Rating: G

Warnings: none

Characters: Aragorn, Eldarion, Arwen

Pairings: Aragorn/Arwen

Summary: Eldarion is a reluctant scholar.

Disclaimer: The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate. No profit has been, nor will be made from this story.

B2MeM 2013 Day Twenty-Two

B2MeM 2013 Day One--Tradition

B2MeM 2013 Day Twenty-Two

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A/n. A revised version of a ficlet I wrote for BTME13.