May 6th, 2014


Nostalgia - Baby photos

Having Harry prompted me to search my files for baby photos of my other cats back in 96-97. I found a lot of bittersweet memories as my much loved Mum left this world in 97 when Leo was 5 months old.She encouraged me to have the cats so I wouldn't be alone. now only Leo remains at a venerable 17. Ginger reached around 18, Jo was 17 when she died and Queenie at least 17, maybe several years older.

No digital cameras back then, but I found these photos either scanned or on a CD, now stored on a photo website.


Ginger and Josephine as kittens back in 1996. They grew up to hate each other.


A blurry scan of Leo, but Harry so often looks like this.

Ginger with Leo as a small kitten. They were best friends from the start.

Leo and Queenie, his mum, they remained close until she vanished.