November 16th, 2013


100 years

Today, were she still in this world, my beloved Mum would have been 100 years old. She was a very special lady who always tried to help others. In her younger days, she was both a Brown Owl and a Sunday School teacher.

Her last months, when she was very ill, were spent encouraging me to look after 4 cats.(I still have Leo and Ginger) so that I would not be too alone when she was no longer here.

I have never known anyone else so caring and unselfish as my Mum. I still feel her protective love and influence. She was also gifted and qualified as a piano teacher and had inherited an artistic talent from her several times great uncle, George Stubbs.

Happy 100th birthday in heaven, Mum!

I plan to visit a favourite place of hers this afternoon with a good friend who was my Mum's friend too.

I think it very appropriate that this lily, which was hers is currently still blooming at this unseasonal time.

I wrote this article a few years ago and thought it would be nice to post it here today.
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