July 27th, 2012

King Elessar

Fare You Well

Author: Linda Hoyland

Title Fare you well

Rating: G

Theme: Anniversary Special

Elements: Fare you well! Fare you well!

Author's Notes: A drabble that was rather a struggle to write and went through many revisions!

Summary: Aragorn bids farewell to his Hobbit friends

Word Count: 100

Disclaimer - These characters all belong to the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien. This story was written for pleasure and not for financial gain.

“The time has come for us to part and take our separate ways,” said Aragorn.

The Hobbits had known this day must come, but they were much saddened by the parting.

“Do not grieve,” said Aragorn. “We have trodden many paths together and forged a fellowship that can never be broken. For a little while, our paths must diverge, but always they will come together again. We will wander through the woods and across the fields again. Remember, dear friends, that we will always carry a portion of each other within our hearts, however many miles might be between us.”

Hidden Paths

Author: Linda Hoyland

Title Hidden Paths

Rating: PG

Theme: Anniversary Special

Elements: And take the hidden paths that run

Author's Notes: With grateful thanks to Raksha for inspiring and editing this ficlet.

Summary: Aragorn’s thoughts as the Fellowship prepare to depart on their quest.

Word Count: 500

Disclaimer - These characters all belong to the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien. This story was written for pleasure and not for financial gain.

It was almost time to depart. Aragorn sat down heavily upon the doorstep and looked around him at the assembled company, his keen eyes only just making out their shapes in the darkness.

Frodo and Bilbo stood beside one another in silent companionship, making the most of what might be their last moments together. The two youngest Hobbits huddled together for warmth and mutual companionship, while Sam stood glumly beside the patiently waiting pony. Boromir fingered the great horn he wore at his side, while Gimli clutched his axe with fierce determination. Legolas stood a little apart, his head tilted upwards for a glimpse of any stars brave enough to pierce the thick cloud.

This little company had already come so far, Aragorn mused. What diverse paths they had trodden to reach Rivendell! The Hobbits were already far from the gentle green paths of the Shire. Yet they now stood on the threshold of a journey even longer and more perilous than the wilderlands that stretched between the Shire and Imladris. Their hearts were staunch, but were their small bodies strong enough to face what lay ahead?

The Elf, Legolas, had journeyed from the depths of Mirkwood, while the Dwarf, Gimli had his father had travelled from Erebor. Boromir’s journey had been even longer and harder. From the way he paced, he was the most impatient to set out. The Man of Gondor was a mighty warrior, but strength of arms would avail little in destroying the Enemy’s weapon.

A strong arm and a sword would not suffice against Sauron’s dark magic.

Only Gandalf was not yet with them. What paths unknown to Men, or even Elves, had the wizard travelled? Aragorn wondered. Aragorn had known him for a mortal lifespan and yet felt he could not know and perceive all about his friend had he a hundred lifespans to do so.

Then what of his own journey? The way ahead was still unclear to him. Aragorn knew only that his path would lead either to the crown of his forefathers and Arwen’s hand in marriage, or to his death and the end of a once great line. He had travelled so many different roads over many years and seen more wonders than most men could dream of. This journey might well be his last. Would he ever behold Arwen again? Suddenly overwhelmed, he bowed his head to his knees. The dream he had yearned for since he came to manhood was about to be realised or forever shattered.

Elrond’s voice roused him from his reverie and he rose to his feet and went to stand beside Gandalf who had come outside with the Master of Rivendell. Frodo followed him.

If my heart quails tonight, how much harder it must be for Frodo, the Ranger mused. Frodo had the hardest path ahead, but Aragorn would give his all to see that he reached his destination. His heart resolved, he took his place beside Gandalf and strode forth into the night.
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Author: Linda Hoyland

Title: Shadows

Rating: PG for mild horror

Theme: Anniversary special

Elements: Through shadows to the edge of night

Author's Notes: I could not resist revisiting my favourite scene in the book for this special challenge.

Summary:  Faramir is imprisoned in a realm of shadows

Word Count: 200

Disclaimer - These characters all belong to the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien. This story was written for pleasure and not for financial gain.

Shadows had never troubled Faramir before. They provided welcome respite from the summer’s heat or cover from the enemy’s watchful eye.

These shadows, though, were different. No mere figments of light and shade were they, but creatures filled with a malevolence that assailed his senses and filled the very air he breathed. They seeped into the every essence of his being and drained his strength, his joy, and his hope.

There was neither sun nor moon nor stars in this place, only creeping, all enshrouding shadows. They clung to him like cobwebs, leeching away his life force. The more he struggled, the more tightly they held him, their tendrils burning and freezing, cutting and pinching at his flesh.

His strength failed. He prepared to welcome death’s cold embrace.


A man’s voice, clear as a bell, rang in his ears.

“Come, my friend! Walk no more in darkness!”

He held out his hand to Faramir. He grasped it. It was warm.

Light shone from a jewel upon the stranger’s brow and he appeared shining like the sun in springtime glory

Filled with love and awe, Faramir cried out, “My King!”

Then the shadows dissolved like mist before the resplendent sun.