April 1st, 2012

Faramir and Eowyn art

Dead Poets Society

B2MeM Challenge Song lyrics - Even though you're a big strong girl the best laid plans are in your open hands. The Steward and his Sons - Seek for the sword that was broken; Tolkien's Tree- Nimloth.. Book Titles - Dead Poet's Society. Facets of Faramir - Questioner. Last Lines- - was alive but taken by the enemy.

Format: Double

Genre: general,
Rating: PG

Warnings: Total hokum to fit in my prompts until I could write something better as the Muses were being stubborn yesterday.

Characters: Faramir, Eowyn

Pairings: Faramir/ Eowyn

Summary: Faramir and Eowyn discuss poetry

These characters all belong to the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien. This story was written for pleasure and not for financial gain.

“I do not understand why you are so keen on this “Dead Poets Society,” said Éowyn. “You should concentrate on living poets. You are a fine poet yourself, who can write poetry of your own, rather than merely study the words of men long dead.”

“Always so practical, my Éowyn!” Faramir kissed her. “Even though you’re such a strong woman, the best laid plans are your open hands!”

“There you go making up poems again,” said Éowyn. “It just proves what I said.”

“Your words are wise,” said Faramir. “I will suggest that each member of the society write a new poem and read it to the others at the next meeting we hold.”

“What shall the poem be about?” asked Éowyn.

 “Nimloth, of which our White Tree is a scion,” said Faramir. “Or maybe about the dream Boromir and I had telling us to seek for the sword that was broken.

“Trust you to even write new poems on old lore!” said Éowyn.

“What would you have me write then?” Faramir questioned.

 “Why not write one about a poisoner, who killed all the poets of old? Or maybe the poets are still alive but taken prisoner by the enemy?”


Dreams and Fears

B2MeM Challenge The Steward and his Sons - Seek for the sword that was broken; Tolkien's Tree- Nimloth.. Facets of Faramir - Questioner. Last Lines- - was alive but taken by the enemy.

Format: 300 Word FLF

Genre: general,
Rating: PG

Warnings: None

Characters: Faramir

Pairings: none

Summary: Faramir worries about his brother

These characters all belong to the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien. This story was written for pleasure and not for financial gain.

He should have been granted the errand. It was his dream! Faramir groaned in frustration and ran his hands through his dark hair. To be fair, Boromir had dreamed the same dream, but only after Faramir had recounted it to his brother. Maybe Boromir had sensed his thoughts as they had slept alongside each other on the eve of the battle. Alternatively, had he talked in his sleep and caused his brother to dream?

Why had his father decided to send Boromir? His brother could less easily be spared. Faramir had questioned his father but received no answers. He could guess them, though. Denethor did not trust him. He knew the old lore as well as his father did.

Many swords had been broken in countless battles against the enemy as well as in kinstrife. Only one broken sword was deemed worthy of remembrance, though, Narsil, the sword of Elendil that had been shattered beneath him. His son, Isildur had pulled the broken sword from beneath his father’s body and cut the thing of which we do not speak, from the Dark Lord’s hand. Mithrandir had told him the tale.

Could it be then that some heir of Elendil’s yet lived and breathed?

Faramir thought of other dreams that he had dreamed; of the White Tree, alive and blossoming, as fair as Nimloth of old. Beside the tree had stood a man, tall and mighty as Elendil himself, wearing a crown and bearing a sceptre. Faramir had knelt to pay him homage and the King had smiled.

Months had passed, though, and there was no news of Boromir. Had some mishap befallen him? Surely he would sense if Boromir had been slain? Or what if an even worse fate had befallen him? He was alive but taken by the enemy?


The Revenger's Tragedy

B2MeM Challenge Tolkien's Tree- Nimloth.All Ocs, all the time- A poisoner.

Format: Short story

Genre: general,angst, hurt/comfort
Rating: PG13

Warnings: Adult themes

Characters: Aragorn, OFC


Summary: A woman from Harad is determined to avenge her family

These characters all belong to the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien. This story was written for pleasure and not for financial gain.

Dedicated to all my friends here on LJ who have given me so much support throughout this challenge

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Playing with Fire

B2MeM Challenge - Four words - quit, deep,lapse, coy
Format: drabble

Genre: humour
Rating: PG

Warnings: none
Characters: Aragorn, Arwen
Pairings: Aragorn/ Arwen

Summary: Arwen is annoyed with Aragorn

Deep in thought, Aragorn pondered a knotty problem concerning affairs of state. His fidgety fingers felt in his pocket and grasped at his pipe. He took it out and looked at it longingly.

“Estel!” Arwen cried accusingly, appearing from around a corner. “I thought you had quit that nasty habit.”

“I have,” said Aragorn. “It was just a momentary lapse. He flushed like a child caught planning some mischief.

“Why so coy?” Arwen demanded crossly. “I know you want to light it. I will ensure you are not tempted again.” She seized the pipe and cast it into the fire.


The Final Obstacle

B2MeM Challenge - All Oc, all the time, an in Law
Format: drabble

Genre: humour
Rating: G

Warnings: none
Characters: OMCS
Pairings:OMC/ OFC

Summary: Gilavir has an important question to ask.

A sequel to "A Woman's Touch" at

“So you desire to wed my daughter?” The grizzled Ranger eyed Gilavir suspiciously. “Why?”

“She is fair as the sunrise, sweeter than honey, lovelier than-”

“I have heard on good authority that you desired a wife for the sole purpose of knitting your socks!”

 Gilavir flushed. “I did once, but that was before I met your Inzilwen.”

“What if I were to tell you that her knitting skills were sadly lacking and she could not make socks if her life depended on it?”

“I should still wish to wed her.”

“You may have her then. In truth she knits well!”


Beneath the Stars

B2MeM Challenge- Tolkien's Trees - Cypress;Book Titles - Tongues of Serpents. Here we come a Carrolling - If you really hold me tight;Colours- silver;Song Lyric - In this spellbound night the world's an elvish sight

Format: 500 word FLF

Genre: Romance
Rating: PG13

Warnings: Sexual content between a married couple

Characters: Aragorn, Arwen
Pairings: Aragorn/Arwen

Summary: Aragorn and Arwen spend a night beneath the stars.

For Julia, a thank you gift for all her support during this challenge.

“My lady!” Aragorn gave an exaggerated bow then lifted Arwen from Roheryn’s back.

She laughed a sound like music to his ears. Of late, her spirits had been low. Especially in springtime, she missed the natural beauty of her Elven homeland and felt oppressed by the city of stone in which she now dwelt.

Concerned for their friends’ well- being, Faramir and Éowyn had invited the royal family to visit them in Ithilien.

Tonight, clad only in their night attire beneath their cloaks, Aragorn and Arwen had both ridden upon Roheryn to spend the night in a secluded glade beneath the stars.

Hand in hand, they walked beneath a row of birches that shone like silver in the moonlight.

“Do you recall the first time that we met?” asked Aragorn.

“How could I forget? You came upon me at sunset as I walked beneath the birches. You stirred my heart even then.”

“And I loved you from that moment onwards.”

They paused and kissed each other tenderly upon the lips. Their pulses quickened. At last, they broke apart and Aragorn spread the blankets they had brought upon the ground.

They lay down upon them. The moonlight illuminated the surrounding cypress clad hills. The air was laden with their aromatic fragrance mingled with spring blossoms.

“If you hold me really tight,” said Arwen, “then Arda holds you and you alone.”

Aragorn sighed contentedly and held her close. “It feels so much more private here than in our bedchamber,” he said. “We are far from the tongues of serpents that gossip ceaselessly and watch our every move.”

“In this spellbound night the world’s an Elvish sight,” Arwen whispered. She lay looking up at the stars. “I sense Varda’s presence here. See how brightly her stars shine upon us!”

Aragorn followed her gaze. “Behold the Star of Eärendil!” he said. “Brightest of all the stars, our forefather smiles down upon us from his ship.” His fingers caressed her soft cheek. In the moonlight, her skin glowed softly. “Your beauty, beloved, outshines the brightest star!” He ran his fingers through her long, silken tresses.

A nightingale began to sing in a nearby bush.

Arwen slipped her hand beneath Aragorn’s nightshirt and ran her fingers across his broad chest. He quivered with pleasure at her touch, his skin tingling as her slender fingers met his skin.

“You are slender as the birch and stronger than the oak!” said Arwen. “Estel, my husband, my beloved!”

He silenced her with kisses, which she eagerly returned.

Blood turned to fire, hearts beat swifter than the arrow’s flight. Passion surged, rising and falling like waves upon breaking upon the shore.

Arwen groaned with ecstasy. How strong her husband was and yet how tender! The mighty warrior was a tender wooer, who strove ever to make her pleasure equal to his own.

Tonight, the stars bore witness to their union, two bodies melting into one, two souls entwining in perfect harmony. King and Queen, man and woman, husband and wife.