September 26th, 2011


October Teitho Contest

Do you hear it?
Our theme for October is Music.

It was at the beginning of Arda, the Music of Ainur, creating a world from emptiness. Still it resonates in every fibre of Middle-earth. No wonder that music and songs have such a power here...

You can measure your the strength of your will in a duel of songs, like the one of Finrod and Sauron long ago in the First Age of the world, or like Tom Bombadil, who sang the Old Man Willow into sleep, and drove the Barrow-wight away with a song. You can find a lost friend when he replies to your song, like Fingon found Maedhros, or like Sam found Frodo in the Orc tower. A song can bring news, or give hope.

There are many songs in the Lord of the Rings, and almost everyone knows to sing - Men, Elves, Hobbits, Dwarves, even Orcs and Eagles. There are serious songs of lore and history, dirges, battle song, bath songs, walking songs, drinking songs, or just songs for fun... the repertoire is unlimited, just like the stories you can write.

Write a story about the power of music, about favourite songs, music instruments, learning to sing or play one, use musical terminology in a story, let the music sound! Just remember Aragorn and/or Legolas must be mentioned in the story.

Thanks to Nat for the suggestion!

The deadline for this challenge is October 25th. Please send your stories and questions to: <>

Happy writing!

Your Teitho-moderators,
nautika, StarLight, and Mirach


Title: Allegiance
Author: Linda Hoyland
Characters/Pairing: Faramir, Aragorn
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Word count: 100
Book/Source: LOTR book-verse
Disclaimer - These characters all belong to the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien. This story was written for pleasure and not for financial gain.

The King smiled often, quite unlike Denethor. Some said it was because of the fair lady at his side. Others said it was because the land was at peace.

Faramir, though, remembered the first time that he had seen Aragorn smile. Then the King had been weary beyond all measure, while victory and his lady’s hand had seemed but a dream and Gondor’s rule still lay with the House of Hurin.

He had smiled when Faramir, son of his arch rival had first opened his eyes and looked into his.

Faramir‘s heart was won. This was the rightful King!