July 20th, 2010

Aragorn and Faramir

The Steward's Task

Linda Hoyland:
The Steward's Task:
Written for the Short and Sweet challenge and slightly altered to create a true drabble
100 words:
With thanks to Raksha. 
Dedicated to Raksha.

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Aragorn stifled a yawn. He forced himself to assume an alert expression as the poet recited a seemingly endless, and joyless, saga in praise of his own great deeds. He thought enviously of Arwen, excused the ordeal because of her pregnancy.

Beside him, Faramir listened with a rapt expression. Even so, Aragorn was puzzled as to why Arwen had been  insistent that the Steward attend.

The room was unpleasantly warm. Perhaps later he could..

A sharp dig in his ribs jolted Aragorn back to full wakefulness.

“The Queen warned me that I might have to wake you,” Faramir grinned.
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To the King,a daughter

Linda Hoyland:
To the King,a daughter:

Written for theShort and Sweet challenge, amended to 100 words.:
100 words:
With thanks to Curious Wombat and Raksha:
Dedicated to Curious Wombat

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“You have a daughter, my lord,” the midwife tells me, her expression suggesting that I will be less than happy at the news. She could not be more mistaken.

I love Eldarion dearly and am proud of my son and heir, but a daughter is sheer delight. She will never want for her father’s love.

My daughter will grow up almost as fair as her mother and bear her mother's gentle grace. She will dance like a butterfly and sing like a nightingale.