March 10th, 2010

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Story Dilemma

I came second in last month's Teitho contest with a story called "Sticks and Stones" in which Aragorn is cursed in the market place and debates the importance of free speech with Faramir.

I actually developed the story from a short a scene from a WIP lurking on my hard drive. Now, I'm unsure what to do about the story. Should I just have it on the Teitho site, or should I publish it widely, depite the similarity to the WIP?

It is vital that someone curses Aragorn in the WIP, though it is over a different matter entirely, but would it trouble you to have a similiar passage in two different stories? In the WIP it is about one page in a story I estimate will be about 100 pages long when complete.

Please will you vote so I can see what people think.

Poll #1536145 Sticksand stones

Should I publish Sticks and stones?

Yes and rewrite the section on the WIP completely
Yes,and just change the main details in the WIP
No,just keep the story on the Teitho site.