January 19th, 2010

Boys updated

A New Website - Archives of Aragorn

I was very fed up during the recent bad weather and decided to cheer myself up by creating a new website for my stories!


I liked my freewebs site, but it limited me to 20 pages, which meant I was cramming diverse stories together on the same page.

This site features the latest versions of my stories, a guide to the stories as well as photos, background information and recomendarions.

You can leave feedback and ratings(an excellent way to give an honest opinion of a story, as I'd never know who gave it only one star, LOL)

I invite you all to visit and tell me what you think and what you do or don't like. I shall post a poll in a few days.

You can receive site updates via Twitter if so desired.


I do intend to continue posting at the archives I use at present, but this site should allow me to provide extra content.

As I want my site to be illustrated, is there any clever person,who could make a picture of an actor who looks more like my idea (and Tolkien's of Faramir) into Faramir, by dressing it and creating a graphic of him with Aragorn? I can picture Viggo as Aragorn, but although, I think David Wenham an excellent actor, he is not my idea of Faramir.
I would be most grateful.