April 24th, 2009

Ginger Boys

Update on The wedding that never was(for dragons)

For months I've tried to breed or catch a silver female as a mate for Schneezauber, one of only three offspring of my first pair.This morning,Lady Celebrian Adopt one today!matured and I tried to breed her with Schneezauber,Adopt one today!expecting virtual wedding bells to ring, but they refused to go near each other!

Do white and silver dragons never breed? I thought they would made such a pretty pair.

Now I have to think of a male from a nice looking breed to wed the the silver female it has taken me 5 months to get!

Dragon breeding can be very frustrating!

Lady Celebrian has accepted the Hand(or should I say claw) of Schneezauber's brother, Flame of the North and they have an egg!
Adopt one today!
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