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December 8th, 2008

Poll results and my theory

I'm interested that the results of my polls confirm a theory I held,though not as strongly as I suspected.

I guessed that injuries caused by faling from a horse and wounds caused by swords and arrows would be top choices,for the simple reason that readers are unlikely to suffer these mishaps!

I admit I vastly prefer reading or writing about something that is highly unlikely to befall me!

I'm surpised several people chose 'flu as that is something most of us have first hand and unpleasant knowledge of, also that accidents caused by tripping over were also popular as again that is something that could happen to any of us.

I am not at all surprised that no one chose a serious illness like heart disease as I would imagine we all have grim memories of losing loved ones to serious diseases,fearing getting them,or a recurrence,or suffering, or watching someone suffer.

It seems that most people are like me,reading stories as escapism,which I think applies to all art forms.

The polls are still open if anyone else wants to add their votes.

A big thank you to everyone who took park in my research ,carried out purely to satisy something I'd been wondering about. We like our heroes to suffer,but not usually from anything that threatens us directly. I have written a story in which Aragorn has chicken pox,which I had the misfortune of catching as an adult. However, my doctor did tell me that the good news was that I would not get it again, so I guess it has become as remote as being shot with an arrow!


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