December 3rd, 2008

Boys updated

Please would you help my friends daughter in a radio station contest?

I have a good friend who helps me when my computer goes wrong and has saved me a fortune!

He has a daughter, a very nice girl who is in a Christian rock band called "Angel Range" which is in a competition.

Her mother tells me the band is lagging behind, so if anyone has a moment to spare to vote for her,she would be most grateful.You have to register with the site to vote.
I think you have to live in the UK to vote.
Boys updated

Dragon Families

My Dragons now have families

Flame of the WestAdopt one today! m Schneefeuer Adopt one today!- A son SchneeflammeAdopt one today! and another son Schneezauber Adopt one today!

Schneeflamme m - Sairie RoseAdopt one today! produced a hatchling Schnee RoseAdopt one today! and a new daughter Ice Rose
Adopt one today!
and a new egg
Adopt one today!

Sprit of the SeaAdopt one today! m Violetta Adopt one today!- a daughter VioletAdopt one today!
and an egg
Adopt one today!

Violet m Bright EyesAdopt one today! and they produced a daughter Myfanwy Adopt one today!
Boys updated

Ailing heroes,out of curiousity.

If a character is ill in a story,what do you prefer them to suffer from?

Wounds caused by swords, arrows ect
A minor illness like a cold
A chronic condition like migraine
A serious disease like Heart problems
A possibly serious illness like flu

I'm posting this poll to answer a few questions recently discussed in chat groups and also has result of some conversations. I do have a strong guess at what the answer will be and will be interested to see if my guess proves true.