August 31st, 2008

Boys updated

A fun challenge for my readers.

i have been enjoying guessing the titles of famous novels from brilliant one sentence clues on friends' LJs.As I'm not able to make up such great clues to famous works, I thought I'd test my loyal readers on my own stories.

I challenge you to guess which titles these clues refer to! Do please play,even if you can only guess 1 or 2 as I will be curious to see how my clue writing skills fare.

1. Don’t go into the woods today, bad things happen!
2. Holiday decorations cause havoc for husbands.
3. Skinny-dipping, rebirth and a change of occupation.
4. Two angry wives and a night at the local.
5. We wants it, we does.
6. Attempted coup foiled by double agent
7. Victim or Villain?
8. Shooting stars herald a birth.
9. Affray, arrest, attempted murder and childbirth.
10. New ruler is taken to task by furious predecessor.
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