December 8th, 2007

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Sunrise, sunset

The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate 
Written for the There and Back Advent Challenge

The sails are hoisted. There is no turning back now.

Soon, I shall step forth on the shores of the Blessed Realm and see my beloved once more.

Will she look at with joy or sorrow when I disembark? I have come, but our children have not!
I fear it will break her heart, even in the joy of Valinor. I can offer words of comfort that maybe, one day our sons will sail the Sundering Seas, but Arwen, our precious daughter is lost to us forever.

Could I have tried harder to dissuade her? I told her how bitter her choice would be at the ending. Still she followed her heart and wed her love. Any day now, their child will be born.

Galadriel ensures me that through Arwen, the influence of our people will forever remain on Arda. Sage counsel, but cold comfort for a grieving mother!

The sun is setting .We sail towards its crimson glow. Our time here is dying with the fading light. Yet soon a new day with dawn on Middle-earth and a new age of men will dwell when once we trod.

The Evenstar has chosen the sun’s rising instead of its setting. 
Boys updated

The Power of Evil

The Power of Evil

The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate.

Written for the There and Back Advent challenge

They think they have me captured, chained like some tame hound in its kennel.

Now they can rest easy. I, who brought darkness to their light, chaos to their order and discord to their harmony, am helpless. So they think. Fools!

Already, my disciple walks abroad, seeking to turn the hearts of Men and Elves to serve him.

And should he fall; another will rise then another and another until the breaking of the world.

I have a lure that few can resist. Freely, I grant it to my followers.

Evil is everlasting, ever present, you can never conquer me!