November 5th, 2007


PS Leo

If anyone has read my story,"At the Rising of the Moon", Gudrun's cat is based on Leo, who is very much a one woman cat,but once shocked me by making a fuss of the man who was fixing the gas fire, like the cat in the story does of Aragorn!

More about my cats

As many of you were interested in my cats, I thought I'd share this I wrote about them several years ago,when I had my first website.I only hope my writing style has improved a little since then!

Four Furry Friends
When my mother buried her much loved cat Tom, who died of kidney failure, she was followed back to the house by four cats, a semi feral Tortie with her ginger kitten and a pregnant Calico, who had a three parts grown kitten, who had similar markings, only with more white in her coat. The cats were loosely attached to neighbours, who weren't interested in them and were planning to move house in the near future. We soon fell in love with the three timid but friendly cats .We called in the charity, Cats' Protection, with our neighbours permission. The feral cat was taken away to a home on a farm, the two kittens were taken to the Vet to be fixed, soon to be followed by the pregnant cat after her kittens were safely born and weaned.

Queenie, the mother cat, acquired her name partially because she is boss cat, and also queen is the proper name for a female cat. She is a beautiful cat whose stunning markings are admired by everyone who sees her, as one half of her face is ginger and the other half black, divided down the centre of her face. She has huge green eyes. She is timid but very gentle and affectionate with a very loud purr. She always rushes to meet me when I come in. She often plays rough games of chase with Josephine but is a loving mother who still likes to wash her now grown up kittens and when Leo went to the Vet to be neutered she was frantic until he returned.

My Mother named Josephine or Jo for short for her coat of many colours.
She is a pretty cat with a taste for mischief and when not chasing her mother Queenie, or growling at her brother Leo searches the house for elastic bands to play with. She also used to run off with and hide anything from ornaments to sponges. She once was lost for a day and turned up in the bottom of my wardrobe oblivious to the fuss she was causing! She loves to watch the nature programmes on television, when shes not sleeping in the bath! Unlike her three housemates, Jo isn't very partial to the company of other cats and is very jealous of her younger brother Leo.

Leo's littermates were homed by Cats' Protection and he was originally destined for a friend of the neighbours who eventually decided against having a kitten. He then turned up on my doorstep much to the delight of his mother Queenie. I called him Leo, as like Ginger, he has a tawny red tabby coat, which makes him resemble a miniature lion He was a quiet affectionate kitten who quickly won my heart. He has the silkiest fur I've ever felt and is a real charmer. When he sleeps on my bed he wakes me up by jumping on me and demanding a cuddle, all the while purring loudly and nibbling my fingers. He loves to sunbathe and is unfortunately was once a keen hunter who has presented me with dead birds, a live mouse, moths, worms and even a dragonfly!

Ginger is a real character cat with a very loud mew. He was rather a naughty kitten, but has turned out to be the best behaved of my brood! No one would ever guess that his mother was so wild. He was rather lonely until Leo arrived when he soon became a protective friend to him. I sometimes wonder if they are half brothers as a dominant ginger Tom lived in the area.
Ginger has a loud purr and loves to be stroked, but you have to watch your hand, as he tends to playfully grab it. He just loves to lick shoes or bare feet! He is a very timid, gentle and unassuming cat who would rather sit in the rain than face a strange visitor. He's large and muscular, with a taste for fishing who has twice presented me with large fish from an unknown pond! Now he's older, he'd rather sit by the fire much to my relief!

Why I write fanfiction

A member of a group I'm in asked this question,so I thought I would share my answer here too.

I can remember making up stories in my head about the characters in
the Enid Blyton stories I loved as a child. I was convinced one of
the characters was coming to visit me, I became so immersed in the

When I started to use the Internet years later, I was briefly
friendly with a girl who started a round robin story on a Star Trek
fan site and she talked me into taking part.I enjoyed it and wrote
most of that story and one other before losing interest.

A couple of years later I went to see "The Return of the King" in the
cinema and wondered what happened between the destruction of the Ring
and Frodo and Sam waking up,as nether book nor film told me.(I had
read the book about 20 years before)

I searched the Net for a story to fill the gap to my liking but could
nat find one and none had enough of Aragorn in them.

I wrote "The Hidden Days of Healing" to fill the gap to my liking.It
was meant to be my only story but the plot for another and another
keep jumping in my head and demanding I write them.

I like Tolkien's world because of the old fashioned values of
friendship,loyalty and honour and a world free from the "sex with
everything" culture, which seems to pervade modern society.

I love the courage ,heroism and self scarifice of Tolkien's world and
he created wonderful characters and left tantalising clues for
further adventures.