March 19th, 2007


Q - like a querulous Quickbeam

Q - like a querulous Quickbeam. 

The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate.
Co written with Raksha  for the "There and Back Challange"

Alas for the Ents, to have lost all trace of their wives!” exclaimed Aragorn with the pity only a recent bridegroom could feel. He fingered the keys thoughtfully. ”Might they now return?”

“I met Quickbeam and his wife, Silverbark, long before Numenor fell," Galadriel recounted. "She was fair as a Mallorn in springtime. But they quarrelled often, being of different tempers. When she sang to the wind, he would have her be silent. After she left, Quickbeam sang of his loss, hoping that the winds would carry his regret to her. Now he has grown querulous, and sings no more."

R - like a radiant Radagast.

The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate.
Written for the "There and Back Challange"

With thanks to Raksha.



Oblivious that he was observed, the boy gazed enraptured at the robin perched on a branch only inches away from his face.


Only when its mate called from the far site of the garden, did the bird fly away.


“Mithrandir!” the boy rose to his feet. “It is good to see you again, but why are you smiling so?”


“You reminded me of an old friend then, Faramir,” the wizard said. “Only Radagast could be so radiant in the company of wild things as you were. He would sit enthralled, surrounded by birds and beasts; taming them by his presence.”