March 17th, 2007


P - like a pink Pippin.

The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate

Written for the "There and Back" challenge.

With thanks to Raksha

A pastry for Pippin

Have this, it’s freshly baked!”
Bergil pressed a pastry into Pippin’s hand.


The Hobbit hesitated. ”Well, I shouldn’t really, I’m on duty.”


“No one will know. Besides, you look hungry.”


“I am, they don’t seem to know about elevenses here!”


Pippin could no longer resist and took a large mouthful.


Just then, Aragorn, followed by a crowd of lords, emerged from the Hall.


Pippin deftly concealed the pastry, swallowed quickly and started to cough.


“Are you quite well, Sir Peregrin?” enquired the King.


“I’m in the pink, thank you, Strider,” the Hobbit replied, flushing.


Aragorn winked knowingly and moved on.