March 15th, 2007

Boys updated

N=Nimble Nimrodel

Written for the "There and Back Challenge" With thanks to Raksha.

Nimble Nimrodel

Aragorn smiled indulgently while Eldarion raced around the garden with his new puppy, a birthday gift from Faramir and Éowyn.


Eldarion threw a stick, which the pup swiftly retrieved, no matter in which direction the boy threw it. Gracefully, she leapt and chased and dived, always one step ahead of the young prince.


The Nimrodel herself could hardly be more nimble,” Arwen observed, joining her husband on the bench. “Have you chosen a name for her yet, Eldarion? “ she called.


“Nimrodel is pretty, I will call her that,” he replied.


The pup wagged her tail as if in approval.



Boys updated

March 15th 3019 - Aragorn heals Faramir

Walk no more in Shadows

“Walk no more in shadows, but awake,” I tell him. I sense so many shadows, not all caused by Sauron’s minions.

Those shadows reach far back into the past, over the small child deprived of a mother's love, the restless youth vainly striving for his father’s approval; the darkness of a brother’s deeds and death. Darkest of all is the shadow of the father slain by his own hand, who would have consigned his son to the flames.

Walk no more in shadows cast by others. Awake, O Jewel of Gondor, to walk in the sun at my right hand!


Faramir’s eyes open, the clear grey of a true child of Númenor. He resembles me as a son might. He looks at me.

I expect to see confusion in his gaze. Instead, he looks at me with love and recognition, almost as if he expected to see me.

“What does the king command?” he asks me, thus bringing closer my dreams of marriage and heirs.

Love springs between us. Friendship and fealty both, kindled in that instant.

I smile, my heart gladdened to have snatched this prize from Sauron’s grasp.

Gondor has need of this son and so will I. 

A/N I could not let March 15th pass without revisiting Aragorn and Faramir in the Houses of Healing.I have already written about them in "First Meeting" and "the One" but would  recommend Raksha's wonderful "The Falcon and the Star" as essential reading for today.

Some phases are taken from "The Return of the King" .Tolkien uses the phase. "Love sprang between them" in an earlier draft, which is published in HOME "The War of the Ring."

With grateful thanks to Raksha for her help with these drabbles.