March 9th, 2007


H = Like a hale Halbarad . Hail and Farewell

With thanks to Raksha.
I fear I could only think of a memory of Halbarad hale..

Hail and Farwell

I am glad to be granted this last fleeting moment with him. 

He grasps my hand and manages to smile at me through his pain. 

I remember our first meeting, he was yet hale, a man in his prime, when I was still a gangling youth.
Initial reserve soon turned to close friendship. He saved my life many times. Alas, I cannot save him now.

“Do not grieve,” he whispers. ”I foresaw this ending. I die content. You will triumph, Envinyatar!”

He sighs and breathes his last. Silently, he moves beyond the world.
Alas, Halbarad! Today’s victory was dearly bought. 

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