June 29th, 2006

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Silk shirts and Arrows

I learned about silk shirts proving some protection from arrows by watching a documentary about Genghis Khan on BBC TV.

The programme explained that the Mongul warriors were especially hard to overcome because if shot with arrows, they did not suffer such devasting injuries as their opononents as long as no vital organ was hit.

I quote here from the website of EduNet connect

"The Mongol army was based on lightly armoured horse archers. Under a quilted jacket or water-proofed leather jerkin, Mongol warriors wore a silk shirt. Even if an arrow penetrated their armour, unlike other cloth, the silk shirt would not tear but would wrap around the arrow head. This made it easier to remove the arrow and reduced the chance of infection. With cotton, wool or other cloth, bits of torn material would be driven into a wound making a dangerous infection likely."


Further information can be found at
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Boys updated

Remedies in my stories

Although I have no formal medical knowledge, I try to be as accurate as possible when I use various remedies in my stories.I try to have my healers in the stories use traditional remedies that were popular in ancient times and modern research has shown to be effective.

Here is further information about some of them

Honey - This has been used since ancient times but has recently aroused new interest, when it was found to combat MRSA antibiotic resistant infections.

These articles explain the research in detail.




Hawthorn - A traditional remedy to strengthen the the heart, which has recently attracted renewed interest as a remedy for high blood pressure

"Hawthorn is traditionally known for its strong and powerful effect on the circulatory system, particularly the heart. It has been used for centuries with great success, especially in Europe. Even today it remains a favorite among herbalists as a cardiac tonic. Hawthorn is valued for nourishing blood pressure and circulation. When used on a regular, long-term basis hawthorn exerts a continued protection to the cardiovascular system."

Dandelion - Widely used in herbal medicine to treat fluid retention and liver problems.


Poppy Juice is opium, used to treat severe pain as morphine.It is highly addictive if wrongly used and abused by addicts as heroin.


Hypericum or St.John's Wort is a popular herbal remedy for depression.In Germany,it is often prescribed by doctors instead of medicines like "Prozac". It can also be used as an ointment to treat bruises.

Comfrey has been used to treat sprains, fractures and joint problems for at least 3,000 years.

Calendula or Marigold has traditionally been used as an antisptic cream to promote the healing of wounds.


Garlic has been used for thousands of years and was popular with the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.

It is a powerful natural antibiotic and anti- bacterial agent.It is also used to treat high cholesterol and blood pressure.

In folklore it is used for keeping vampires at bay !


Botanical Com http://www.botanical.com/ is a great source of information about the traditional uses of herbs.

Other writers are welcome to make use of this generally available information.
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Boys updated

Complete list of my stories and their current status

A Time to Reap

As Faramir and Aragorn struggle to cope with the scars left by their ordeal, their wives take action to try to reconcile King and Steward. No one suspects what lies in store.

Posted here at LJ and at
Work in Progress
Rated PG13

The One by Linda Hoyland and Raksha the Demon
A strange and fateful dream haunts Aragorn. Will he ever see it come true?' Co-written with Raksha the Demon. Should be considered a slightly AU one-shot, not connected with either author's other stories.
Rated G
MEFA Awards - Men featuring Aragorn - 3rd place

His Father's Son by Linda Hoyland
While Arwen and Eowyn spend an afternoon helping the poor,they leave their children with their fathers.For experienced warriors like Aragorn and Faramir,looking after two small children should present no problems.The children,though, have other ideas .

Rated PG
A Streak of Moonlight by Linda Hoyland
Aragorn and Faramir face a humiliating ritual in order to obtain some mistletoe for the Yule celebrations.Or do they? An alternate and slightly saucy version of the ritual in "At the Rising of The Moon" and a companion piece to that story.

Rated PG 13

At the Rising of the Moon by Linda Hoyland
Eowyn is horrified to discover that there is no mistletoe for the Yule celebrations and sends Aragorn and Faramir to obtain some from an eccentric old woman, who may not be willing to part with it, unless certain conditions are met. A light hearted story for the holiday season.


Rated PG

Combined version at


MC Awards winner "Best Overall Comedy"

MEFA Awards - Humour Gondor - 2nd Place winner

Web of Treason by Linda Hoyland
Rebel lords plot to bring about the downfall of the monarchy,leaving Gondor's future in the hands of a grief stricken Faramir, who finds himself caught in an increasingly complex and evil plot. This story is rated for violence and angst and features Aragorn,Faramir,Arwen,Eowyn,Imrahil,Damrod and original characters.
Currently being revised and reposted at


Complete at

Rated P13/R
MC Awards winner "Best Aragorn Angst"

Grin and Bare It by Linda Hoyland
Aragorn,Faramir and Legolas decide to go swimming one hot August afternoon.They enjoy their swim but when they are ready to return to the City,they discover their clothes have vanished ! A reworking of the early chapters of "Burden of Guilt" for readers who prefer humour to angst. Contains non explicit Elf nudity
Rated PG

Burden of Guilt by Linda Hoyland
A violent and tragic misunderstanding with Eomer threatens Aragorn and Faramir's friendship and the Steward's very life. Meanwhile Arwen prepares to give birth and Aragorn is faced with the loss of all whom he loves. Rated for violence,childbirth and dark themes. Completed


Rated PG13/R

Shadow and Thought
Despite being happily married to Arwen and King of Gondor, Aragorn is lonely and despondent at Faramir's shyness and Eowyn's obvious and perplexing hatred. Determined to get to know them better,he invites them to a remote hunting lodge, oblivious of the dangers awaiting which could cost him his life.

Currently under revision as this was my first angst epic
A complete version is available at

Rated PG13/R

The White Tree by Linda Hoyland
A few weeks after his coronation, Aragorn fears that the wedded bliss he longs for will never be his. But the sign that heralds the fulfillment of his desire could also destroy Aragorn's still fragile bond with his Steward. Revised
Rated G

MPA 2nd place winner"General"category .

MEFA Awards- 1st Place winner - Men featuring Aragorn


On the day of Aragorn's coronation, Faramir prepares to surrender the White Rod but discovers the new King has other ideas. Revised.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: Complete.


The Hidden Days of Healing by Linda Hoyland
After the Ring is destroyed, Aragorn attempts to heal the injured Hobbits but will there be too high a price to pay?


My first Tolkien fanfic, recently revised and republished .
Rated PG13

Facing the Darkness by Linda Hoyland
Aragorn tends Faramir and Merry in the Houses of Healing while preparing for what might be his last battle
My second Tolkien fanfic.

Rated PG
First Meeting by Linda Hoyland
Faramir lies close to death in the Houses of Healing.Only the hands of the King might save him but will Aragorn be too late


Rated PG

The Slave of the Ring

Summary: While Aragorn tends the injured Frodo after their escape from Moria, Boromir is ensnared by the power of the Ring when he catches a rare glimpse of it.One shot Gapfiller

URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3020799/1/

Rated PG
Complete, but will probably be further revised to post on SOA.

There is no foul language or explicit sex in any of my stories,the higher ratings are for violence,torture, angst and other dark themes.

I try to stay true to Tolkien's vision ,so the only sexual pairings between living canon characters are
those who marry in "Lord of the Rings".

I have,however, invented a relationship for Boromir with an OFC, which is none explicit and took place before the events in stories.

My LOTR Stories are intended as a series, in which the characters remember and refer to events in previous stories .Although each can be read on its own,their chronological order is

The Slave of the Ring

First Meeting

Facing the Darkness

The Hidden Days of Healing

A New Beginning

The White Tree

Shadow and Thought

Burden of Guilt

Web of Treason

A Time to Reap

At the Rising of the Moon

His Father's Son

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Original Characters in my Stories

Guide to my original characters, new characters will be added as they appear in my stories.

Aedred – A Rohirric Healer who now works alonside Tarostar in the Houses of Healing.

Agond - A former soldier,now a drunkard

Alis – Estranged wife to Mahrod

Bereth – Sister to Damrod

Calardan – Husband to Hanna’s late sister

Dame Enye - A midwife

Doreth- Arwen’s housekeeper

Elbeth – Young daughter of Hanna

Elestelle - Faramir and Eowyn's daughter

Fennas – Brother to Hanna

Fontos – Lord of Lossarnach, son of the late Forlong.

Fosco – Lord of Lamedon, son of the Lord mentioned in LOTR

Gudrun – An elderly widow born in Rohan, now owner of a smallholding and orchard near to Minas Tirith

Hanna – A kitchen maid, daughter of the Porter at the Rath Dinen, who was killed by Beregond

Ivriniel – Mother of Hanna and Fennas, grandmother to Elbeth, widow of the late porter.

Meneldil – Lord of Lebennin

Lady Meril – One of Arwen’s ladies in waiting

Lady Morwen – One of Arwen’s ladies in waiting

Laerwen - One of Eldarion's nursery maids

Lamrung – A former prison warder, now a member of the Citadel Guard.

Mahrod – A former Ithilien Ranger, now a prison warder

Tarostar – Chief Warden of the Houses of Healing, son of Denethor’s late sister.
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