December 22nd, 2005



Today is the winter solstice when Mettare was celebrated in Middle - earth.

My friend Raksha has just posted a wonderful seasonal story which I highly reccomend at

I wrote "At the Rising of the Moon" last year for a seasonal offering.

If anyone has not yet read it and wants to,it is at
and a fun and slightly saucy sequel I wrote a little later " A Streak of Moonlight" is at

I am so glad the days will start to lengthen after tonight!

Half hearted - Elrond - Co-written with Raksha

Half Hearted

"I have pledged myself to Aragorn, adar; and given him my heart. Together we shall abide the Doom of Men."

My daughter’s words strike me like a blow. Long have I feared the day when a child of mine would forsake the Eldar. I still miss my brother, through all the long years since we were sundered.

Were Aragorn an Elf, I could rejoice with my whole heart. None of my many fosterlings have become so close a son to me as Estel.

And yet, if my brother chose a mortal life, how can I deny it to my child?

This was co written by me and my friend Raksha the Demon for the "There and Back Challenge"