December 19th, 2005


Hope Rekindled - A Drabble - Éomer

Hope has long vanished from these lands. Yet yield I will not. While I swing my sword, I shall fight the fierce foes, protecting my sister and avenging the honour of my House.

Today we slew many Orcs, though we lost worthy warriors in so doing.

Then, I espied three strangers, springing from the grass, so it seemed, asking my aid.

What marvel is this? An Elf and a Dwarf, beings I believed existed but in legend. A man too. Tall and proud he stood, mighty as a mearh, stirring my soul.

The light in his eyes, kindled hope anew.

Another drabble, for the "There and Back" challenge. I fear my Muse isn't feeling greatly inspired, though I like Éomer

The Lesson - A drabble - Faramir and Aragorn

The Lesson

The covered object stood in the centre of the table.

Faramir approached it hesitantly. He was known as a tamer of man and beast, but this thing and the memories it evoked, caused even his valiant heart to quail.

Yet, learn to use it he ought, if he were to prove a worthy Steward of the Realm.

“I would not command you to do this, Faramir,” Aragorn said gently.

“I must,” Faramir replied. ”It cannot destroy me as it did my father. Sauron is no more”

“I will teach you how best to master it,” Aragorn replied, unveiling the palantír.

I have always speculated about Faramir leaning to use the palantír since reading Clarion and Raksha's wonderful account in "Home to Heal."

This was written for Marta's "Learning" challenge.