lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Hope Rekindled - A Drabble - Éomer

Hope has long vanished from these lands. Yet yield I will not. While I swing my sword, I shall fight the fierce foes, protecting my sister and avenging the honour of my House.

Today we slew many Orcs, though we lost worthy warriors in so doing.

Then, I espied three strangers, springing from the grass, so it seemed, asking my aid.

What marvel is this? An Elf and a Dwarf, beings I believed existed but in legend. A man too. Tall and proud he stood, mighty as a mearh, stirring my soul.

The light in his eyes, kindled hope anew.

Another drabble, for the "There and Back" challenge. I fear my Muse isn't feeling greatly inspired, though I like Éomer
Tags: drabbles

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