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First lines

We are enjoying a slightly different version of this LJ MEME in the AA Group,so I thought I'd post it here too. All the lines are taken from stories I've posted on SOA during the past 15 months or so.

Here are 20 of my first lines most recently posted on SOA. I've no idea if they
form any sort of pattern.Feel free to tell me if you like any or any make you
stop reading at once.AA by the title indicates they began life on the AA list.

1.Arwen sat alone in her chamber, a letter clasped in her hand.(A Time to Reap-
2.The bowl of cherries stood in the centre of the table, each fruit almost
glowing with ripe, juicy sweetness. (Cherry Ripe -drabble)
3.Aragorn frowned deeply at the letter he was perusing. (Coastal tales -series
4.Darkness engulfed Faramir.(The Shadow of the Past- short story)
5.The late afternoon sun bathed the narrow country lane in a golden
glow.(Yavanna's Gift - Short story)
6."A traveller begs leave to see you, my lady. He claims to be of the House of
Elrond, but he is no Elf!" (Stranger at the Gate- Short story - Teitho)
7.Sleep was slow to come to Faramir.(The Silver Tree - short story)
8."Welcome home, my son!" (Pride of Place - Short story AA)
9."Naneth has a headache and needs to rest," Gilraen told her small son who
stared at her wide-eyed.(The Hands of a healer - drabble)
10.Brave Beren killed the wicked monster, Carcharoth. They all lived happily
ever afterwards," Aragorn told his son.(Hunting the Dragon - short story AA)
11. Humming softly to himself, Aragorn, flanked by two guards, made his way to
the Houses of Healing for his weekly visit.(A Day at the Houses- short story AA)
12.Faramir could still hardly believe it. Aragorn was dead.(Out of the depths -
short story AA)
13.The darkness presses round me, hot and heavy.(The Valley of Shadow - short
14.The moon emerged from behind a sea of swirling clouds, which made it appear
to sail across the sky.(By the River- short story AA)
15. Thorongil sang softly as he polished his gear, a rapt expression on his face. (No Common Soldier - drabble)
16.Aragorn cautiously squeezed his lanky frame through the low door of the barn;
it was surprisingly roomy within.(Good King of Cats- short storyAA)
17.Faramir slowly picked his way through the rubble, his head bowed.(Be Strong
and of Good Courage - short storyAA)
18.It seemed that half of Minas Tirith wanted to see the new King light the
Mettarë fire.(The Gate of the Year- short story AA)
19."Is that not a more suitable task for you, or Eldarion's nanny?" Aragorn
asked his wife desperately. (Star of Wonder- short story)
20.Aragorn and Arwen lay sleeping peacefully, entwined in each other's
arms.(Healing the Healer- medium length, Teitho)

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