lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Yew - Tree of Life and Death

Title – Tree of Life and Death

Author: Linda Hoyland
Characters/Pairing: Faramir, Gandalf

Rating: G
Warnings: none
Book/Source: LOTR book-verse

Disclaimer: The characters are the property of the Tolkien estate. This drabble is written for pleasure, not profit.

With thanks to Raksha



Faramir never passed the old yew tree without pausing. No man could recall how long the ancient twisted trunk had stood.


“Did you know that this is the oldest tree in Gondor?”


Faramir turned to see Mithrandir standing beside him.


“Older than the White Tree? Surely not!”


“This tree was mature when the White Tree was still a fruit. Deadly though it is, the Wise call yew the tree of life. It outlasts both Man and beast.”


The longbow in Faramir’s hand seemed to grow heavier. He had dealt death to many with this branch torn from the living yew.

Tags: drabbles, trees

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