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Well worth the read

I was especially impressed by this story in the Teitho challenge by an author unknown to me

Looking for Boromir

When Faramir is lost, who will help him find his way?

A new and original twist on a very familiar theme, which succeeds in making it fresh and new.

I'm also loving Virtuella's latest story "If Truth be told" an exciting WIP

Genre(s): General/Adventure
Rating: Rated: T
Summary: Déoric, the newly appointed Chronicler of the Mark, is faced with
new challenges. When he finds that not all is truth that the Eorlingas hold to
be true, will his break with Éomer end his career? Sequel to Measure Of A
Man, but prior reading not required.
This is a rare story indeed, one which focusses on OCS(although canon characters play their part too)and leaves me hungry for more at the end of each chapter. The story provides the reader with much food for thought making a great read.

Last but not least, a short story for fans of Naomi Norvik's Temeraire books

Letter From Mr Burns

A delightful short story in which Granby writes to his mother about a dream come true.

Tags: recs

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