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A Time to Reap is completed

I have just updated "A Time to Reap".

You can read it at

Aragorn and Faramir have a surprise

 If you prefer you can read it at

 Or at

Original characters introduced in this story: 

The villagers 
Beleg - a farmer

Tasariel - his wife, also the village healer

Pelendur and Galador - Beleg's sons

Emerwen - wife to Pelendur

Borlach - Headman of the village

Thoron - A hot-tempered youth

Hareth - a widow, mother of Vanreth

Vanreth - daughter of Hareth

Finrod - Vaneth's husband

Gwinhir - Infant son of Vanreth and Finrod

(Morrandir and Falborn are the names that Aragorn and Faramir use here to disguise their true identities) 


You can read more about the food at

Aragorn is using a cradle scythe to harvest the wheat.
You can learn more about reaping in olden days at
Aragorn uses reflexology to treat Faramir.
and accupressure in the previous chapter
Although, the creature that attacked Faramir is based on Shelob, I have also based his symtoms on real life spider bites. If you are interested, you can read more here.
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