lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Dream or Nightmare?

I fell asleep last night trying to come up with something for Tolkien Weekly's Violet Challenge. I dreamed the following utterly crazy drabble.Maybe it is the first Just William/LOTR Crossover in history and hopefully the last. I shall try now to write a proper Violet drabble!

With apologies to both Tolkien and Richmal Crompton

The Scream.

One day when walking with Eldarion, Aragorn was surprised to come across a strangely dressed little girl with blonde curls. 

“Would you like to play?” Eldarion asked.

 “Go away, nasthy rude boy!” lisped the girl. “I’m Violet Elizabeth Bott and my Daddy is very important. He makes Bott’s Digestive Sauce.” 

“What is that?” asked a puzzled Aragorn. 

“You nasthy man. I’ll thream and I’ll thream and I’ll thream till I’m thick!” said the little girl opening her mouth and emitting a piercing wail.

“And I, young lady, am the King!” Aragorn said sternly.

 Violet Elizabeth was finally stunned into silence.

Tags: drabbles

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