lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Raksha and I have chapter 14 of "A Time to Reap" ready but's alerts system is down and has been for several days,so I am delaying posting until it is working again.Not all my readers use LJ,alas,or I could use this instead.

If the alerts are still not working by the middle of next week, i will reconsider what to do.

In the meantime,I have rewritten another chapter of "Shadow and Thought" which you can read at

and polished another chapter of "Web of Treason"

I consider the versions on SOA,the definitive versions of my stories.I intend to keep the earlier versions on but if anyone is just starting to read my stories, I recommend the SOA version. I blush at the number of errors I find as I revise my work.
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