lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Some fun with typos from Raksha, which is too good not to share.

I couldn't resist playing with these lovely Typos:

Ah those martial intimacies, after a good sparring bout, the guys go and use their wives. Foursome? (Linda faints, Raksha forages frantically for her camera) Alas, poor Boromir, he had substance abuse problems in addition to Ring Addiction and lost the heroin battle. Aragorn feels sorry for Faramir and offers him a slave to sit on his leg - it's the latest Elven therapy. But Arwen chewed him out, because Faramir just has a bruise, and all they could afford to think about now was the restoration of Aragorn's health and statues - as if it's not bad enough that the King is banged up, his statues have all been vandalized with Quenya graffiti. Oh, those merry prankster twins! Elrohir and Elladan have obviously found a new pastime, defacing little brother Estel's statues. Aragorn plans a Fist Meeting when he tracks down his annoying brothers.


Blame me, not Linda. I must say that her typos are far more fun than mine
Tags: humour

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