lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Crazy typos

As I accidentally almost posted a link to "warm weds and blankets" instead of "warm beds and blankets" earlier, I thought I'd share some of my craziest typos with you while waiting for to work properly.

They are all genuine and have been fixed now on the sites the stories are posted.

The White Tree

"It was common enough amongst the nobility but he could not bring himself to engage in martial intimacies without love and Arwen was the only women he had ever been in love with."

At the Rising of the Moon

"Our wives will be waiting for use" said Aragorn."

Burden of Guilt

"Your brother died a heroin battle"

and later in the story

"I will leave some slave for you to put on your leg if you still need it."

Web of Treason

She was right; all they could afford to think about now was restoring Aragorn‘s health and rightful statues.

"Fist meeting"

A somewhat different title for "First Meeting".

From a draft of a yet unpubished story.

"He was trained by my father, the greatest healer that ever lifted."

I will add more as I encounter them.

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