lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

In honour of Poetry month - Stormy April



Stormy April


Howling wind and driving rain,
Rattling my window pane.
Leaves go flying through the air:
Swirling blossom everywhere.


Suddenly the clouds blow past

And the sun comes out at last.
I dare to venture out once more.
Just as it begins to pour !


Rain so cold it freezes me,
Rain so dense, I cannot see.
Rain like arrows from the sky
Rain that drenches passers by.


White flakes drift ,so is it snowing ?
Or just the falling petals blowing?
The sun is dazzling my eyes,
While rain still cascades from the skies !


Soon the storm clouds scurry by,
Showing  now a bright  blue sky,
I gasp in awe at nature's powers.
Stormy, sunny April showers !

(C) R.G.M

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