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2 More Tiny Cat Stories

Modern Cat are seeking tiny cat stories again. If you write drabbles here's your chance to be published.
It's cat love in short form: miniature, reader-submitted cat stories of no more than 100 words! Read the heartwarming winning submissions published in our Spring/Summer issue here, and submit yours for publication consideration in the next issue by emailing your story to!

*Word count strictly enforced. Please include your name, address, and phone number. Only selected entries will be contacted. Feel free to include accompanying images. By submitting, you grant Modern Cat permission to publish your entry in the magazine, digitally, and online.


Up the Chimney
Like most cats, Harry dislikes disruption and hated the decorator disturbing his tranquillity.
That evening, I heard a frantic meowing. I investigated and to my horror found he was trapped up the chimney and couldn't escape.

I called a neighbour who was rather incredulous at my story but came to investigate.

He had a bright idea and remembered the houses have a chimney sweep's hatch . He climbed up a ladder and rescued a terrified Harry who was now a grey cat rather than a ginger one.

We retired to bed. By morning Harry was his usual pristine self.

The Lap Cat
Filipos was born a street kitten. He was rescued from a car engine on Syros, Greece.
I adopted him through a wonderful charity. He has proved to be the most affectionate of lap cats.
Sometimes though his desire to always be beside me gets him into trouble,
One day, I was taking a bath. Filipos decided he should be on my lap and leaped into the bath to join me.
The water gave him a shock and he fled dripping down the stairs at such speed that my poor cleaning lady had a fright.
His devotion makes him very special.
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