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Tolkien Prompts - Back to Middle earth month

As we have a Tolkien writing event in March, I thought I'd post a few prompts in case they inspire anyone to revisit Middle earth.

No rules or stress, if you feel inspired to write something, just post the story on your favourite archive and share this post if you feel others might be interested.

1. Aragorn(or your favourite character's best or worst birthday.

2.'Beyond the circles of the world lie more than memory.' - Tolkien

3.'As by a curse came it to me,
cursed be this ring!
As its gold gave measureless might,
let now its magic deal death to its bearer!
None shall feel gladness in it's glittering light.
Care shall consume him who holds it,
and envy shall gnaw him who does not possess it!
All shall lust after its delights,
yet none shall benefit from its use!
To its lord no gain will it bring;
it will draw his destroyer to him
To death devoted, let fear fetter the coward
his whole life long daily wasting away,
the lord of the ring as the slave of the ring
Till again once more
in my hand I hold it.' (From Wagner's Das Rheingold inspired by the same Norse legends which inspired Tolkien)

4. A picture prompt


5.If you could choose an item from Tolkien's world, what would you choose and why?

Poll #2109221 Would you like more prompts in a few days time?

Would you like more March prompts?


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