lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

3 years today

Filipos Apollo has been with me 3 years today. He is currently on top of the wardrobe! I could not be blessed with a more loving or entertaining cat. I've just sent £20 from the sale of calendars to the wonderful charity that arranged his adoption. If you enjoy reading about him, please consider supporting them, every Euro helps give more ats like Filipos Apollo a chance in life.



Tags: cats

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Happy Adoption Day, Filipos Apollo!
I'm very glad you found one another, a wonderful match!
Happy Anniversary to you and sweet Filipos! You're such a good-hearted person. ♥
Happy Anniversary to Filipos AND You! 🥰


November 21 2020, 20:44:43 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 20:44:53 UTC

Happy Anniversary to Filipos and you!


November 21 2020, 21:02:09 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  November 21 2020, 21:02:49 UTC

Mine are with me now for five years this July. They were suggested to be four or five so they are approximately 10 years now

Happy Filipoversary to you and the fuzzy boy!
I especially like the second pic, they way they cuddle together. ❤️
Has it been three years already? I remember the day he arrived so well. He has been such a delight and blessing in your life! I'm so glad he found his way to you.

Deleted comment

Happy gotcha day Filipos!
♥ Happy Anniversary to Filipos and you! ♥
Such beautiful peridot eyes.

For a good cause


November 22 2020, 14:34:37 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  November 22 2020, 14:35:12 UTC

How wonderful! :) Looking forward to mine ^-^


What a wonderful story to read today. :) Please forgive me for being so behind. I hated that we had become friends, and then I became so silent. *sigh* I hope you will be understanding and I will be attempting to explain things soon.

Bless your precious kitty! x)

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