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Aragorn sighed as the Minstrel sang about the glory of womanhood and the joys of love. It was a beautiful song and the mighty deeds of Beren and Lúthien did indeed move him, but not their love.

Certainly, as a healthy young man of twenty years, he had experienced vague yearnings that stirred his blood, but the desires of the flesh needed to be sternly suppressed ere they led him astray or proved an unwelcome distraction from deeds of glory.

Aragorn understood that the Creator intended his children to be fruitful and multiply, but raising children was the last thing that appealed to him! After Master Elrond’s revelation of his ancient lineage the day before, Aragorn knew he would be expected to marry and produce heirs, but the prospect held little joy for him. What did he know of women? Maybe more than many young men of his age, as he had studied Master Elrond’s books on healing. He imagined his bride would be one of the maidens from amongst the people he had just learned he was the leader of, but none were even half as fair as his mother, despite being but half her years! He would far rather clasp a weapon than a woman any day!

The Minstrel finished the lay and Aragorn excused himself. Feeling in need of fresh air, he left the Hall of Fire and went outside, still singing the tune of the Lay of Lúthien. Aragorn was in a happy mood. To think he was born of that line of heroes and their blood ran true in his veins! Maybe he could one day achieve such mighty deeds as his longfathers pity. A pity there were no maidens as fair as Lúthien still, or finding a wife would seem a more pleasant prospect.

The sun was slowly sinking in the West, painting the sky in glorious hues of red and gold as Aragorn wandered into the birch wood.

Then he saw the maiden,clad in a mantle of blue and silver. Her long dark hair was adorned with gems and rippled in the wind.

Aragorn stopped gazing at her in amazement. Was Lúthien reborn? His legs turned to jelly, while his blood seemed to be on fire. His heart pounded. What had happened to him? He could gaze forever and this maid and never grow weary. Surely to kiss her would taste sweeter than the finest wine? The thought of embracing her made his head swim! He wanted to offer himself to her, do deeds of glory solely to win her favour, if only she would grant him but one word or smile! “Woman” was no longer but a word. Aragorn was in love.
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