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Films - Frozen and Downton Abbey

I went to see "Frozen" with my best friend last night and just loved it. The animation, the characters, the sisterly love, the gripping storyline, the hugs, the cute fire spirit, the water and the woodland, all just amazing.

It might be intended for children, but it should appeal to everyone who appreciates love and beauty. [Spoiler (click to open)]It was also funny in places when Christian tries to propose. I suspected all along the dam was a bad thing, but was surprised by Elsa's true origins. I thought Anna more suited to be Queen but was glad the sisters remained close. I loved all the girl power and that most of the love was not romantic.

My friend and I were enthralled throughout. The songs weren't as good as "Let it go" but I loved the lullaby and the glimpses of the girls with their parents.

The last film we saw a few weeks ago was "Downton Abbey" which was fun but didn't have a "wow" factor. [Spoiler (click to open)]I thought it ended on a sad note with the Countess' impending demise. Mary was more likeable than usual. My favourite part was the parade for the King and Queen I think.
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