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LOTR Writing review of the year MEME

Seen on several friends' LJs.I would be very interested what others think of my choices for my best story of the year ect.Do you agree or disagree?

My favorite story of the year
Of my own stories – A time to Reap

Of others’ stories I cannot decide between “Aspects of Aragorn” and “On the Wings of the Storm”

My best story of the year

A tie between Shadows of Memory and Dies Irae.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion
”A Time to Reap”. Reviews picked up at the end ,but sagged badly in the middle.

Most fun story
“Sour Milk” and “the Storm” .
Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters
”Healing the Healer” as it brought out Aragorn’s tetchy side.

Favorite major canon character of 2008
Aragorn as ever

Favorite minor canon character of 2008


Favorite original character of 2008
Hardest story to write
Dies irae as I was working to a deadline,also a story I wrote for the LOTR GFIC Group,also written to a deadline

Easiest story to write
”The Storm” which just jumped into my head.”Mask of Virtue” was another story which pretty much wrote itself

Biggest Disappointment
That “Shadows of Memory” was my only story not to come first in the MC Contest when I thought it the best of my entries!

Biggest Surprise

That I managed to write a story”Dies Irae”,especially for the Teitho contest

Did you take any writing risks this year?
Writing a couple of stories to deadlines which I find very stressful.
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