lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

A Show that's important to me

As you most likely know, I take part in lots of online shows. One of my reasons for doing so is to promote the plight of cats in Greece. I tell the organisers about God's Little People, the Charity that arranged Filipos adoption and one was so impressed they agreed to feature God's Little People in their current show and devote half their proceeds to them! The rest of the proceeds help hedgehogs, another worthy cause.

This could be a wonderful boost for the charity, but only if enough people take part. It would mean a lot to me for the show and this great charity to do well.

The show organisers are lovely and it is very well run and open to pets worldwide.

Please if you have pets consider entering them, it is only £1 a photo and there are offers each week and gorgeous rosettes to be won. All pets are welcome and payment is by paypal.

If you are not on Facebook and we are LJ friends, I'd be happy to send in the photos for you.


If you don't have any pets, I'm donating £5 from the sale of each of my Filipos Apollo Calendars to God's Little People Cat Rescue.
So far, I've only sold 1!

Please share this post if you can.

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