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The LOTR Fandom meme

As seen on Lady Roisin's LJ

LotR Fandom Meme

1. How did you get involved in the fandom? What was your first place/haven within the fandom?

After seeing the films I wanted to know what happened between the Black Gate and Cormallen and looked around for a story to fill in the gaps.I first came across
2. When did you first read Tolkien's writing?

I think I was introduced to “the Hobbit” at school,but have only vague memories mostly of the Riddle scene and also of Smaug.I read LOTR in 1981 after it was broadcast on the radio.I would listen to an episode then read it in the book,which I purchased at that time.It was a one volume edition and I didn’t discover the appendices until years later! I was drawn to Tolkien's work as I love"Wagner's "Ring" and know it is based on the same myths that Tolkien used

3. What did you read first?

Parts of “The Hobbit”. LOTR was the first book I read from cover to cover.I only read “The Simarillion” a couple of years ago.
4. When did you first see the movies?

When they first came out. I didn’t get bowled over until ROTK.
5. How did you come to be involved where you are now in the fandom?

By hard work and encouragement from friends,mostly Raksha who encouraged me to take part in MEFA and submit my stories to HASA.It took me 2 years to be accepted at HASA, and 3 attempts to be accepted at SOA, but I kept tryingI initially met someone who was a very bad influence and claimed all the Groups ect were full of unpleasant people.Luckily she soon grew bored with me and one of my readers invited me to join a Board,”Creative Juices, where I made some good friends.I also joined “Aragorn Angst” which I consider the best online haunt for me!
6. What was the first fanfic story you read?

I think it was most likely a story by Shirebound
7. What was the first fanfic story you wrote? Was it Tolkien centric, or another genre?

I wrote a couple of Star Trek stories, the first one “ Captain’s Holiday” was partially a Round Robin at the instigation of a girl I knew at that that time.My first truly solo story was “Voyager’s Child”

8. Name 3 of your favorite Tolkien characters. Why do you like them?

Aragorn - is by far my favourite.He is so multi faceted, both a healer and a warrior,a loyal friend and a faithful wooer,noble and willing to sacrifice himself for others.He has a wonderful dry sense of humour,humility and a willingness to help others.He is also slightly mysterious.

Faramir. I love Faramir for his good heartedness,courage,gentleness,honesty and wisdom.Many people would be bitter or loose faith after all Faramir’s ordeals,but he never gives up or loses the abilty to love.

Arwen . I love her loyalty,wisdom and faith in Aragorn.

I am also fond of Eomer and Halbarad.

9. What are 3 of your least favorite characters? Why?

Gollum gives me the creeps as dies Wormtongue.

Legolas gets on my nerves in fanfiction,though he is OK in the book.

10. What genres do you like to read the most?

Hurt/comfort, angst, humour,tasteful romance,adventure. I love friendship stories.Most of what I read features Aragorn,though I also enjoy Eomer and Lothiriel romances.
I don’t like or read smut or slash and find Mary Sue’s silly.

11. What Tolkien eras/cultures/events/ ect. do you feel you have the strongest knowledge in?

Men and the Ring War and early Fourth Age
12. What areas do you feel you can help other authors with?

Canon,typos,sounding too modern.
13. What do you feel are your weaknesses as a writer? What would you like to improve on?

Action scenes,transitions,switching POVs too much.

14. What Tolkien era/culture/events/ect. would you like to know more about?

The Rangers and their culture and live in Gondor and Arnor under Aragorn’s rule.
15. What are you currently writing, what's your latest work in progress?

I have a lot of prompt stories written for the AA Group that need polishing and expanding.I have the rough draft of another novel to work on.

16. What is your favorite story you wrote? Why?
It is impossible to choose one. I think “Web of Treason” is one of my best that I wrote on my own.I love “A Time to Reap” that I wrote with Raksha. “I’ve a very soft spot for “At the Rising of the Moon.”I’m pleased with how “The White Tree” “Dies Irae” and “Shadows of the Mind” turned out.

17. What is your least favorite story you wrote? Why?

”A New Beginning”. Faramir is a dreadful drip and the prose is clunky.It just has one scene I like, where Aragorn and Faramir accidentally bang noses. I need to rewrite it one day.

18. What do you hope to accomplish in your future in the fandom?

Become a better writer,win more MEFA Awards,gain more readers ect ect!
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