lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

MPA Awards

I have just been awarded this trophy for my story "The White Tree" coming joint second in the MPA Awards General Category.
This was the speech I had to write.

It is with great pleasure that I come here tonight to accept my second place award for “The White Tree”

I am delighted that this story has not proved to be a white oliphant.I only hope that Tolkien’s ghost is not preparing to haunt me, for borrowing his characters, especially Aragorn to escort me here tonight.

I told him he must wear his best black velvet tunic embroidered with the afore mentioned tree! Doesn’t he look smart? It is a perfect complement to my own gown, which is decorated with a thousand real diamonds in honour of such a prestigious occasion.

I should like to thank Raksha the Demon for nominating my story and everyone who has voted for me, as well as whoever invented Word processors to enable me to compose it.

Nothing is more depressing than the sight of a dead tree, especially one showing signs of woodworm, which Aragorn has just told me, is the real reason he went to look for a live replacement.

Aragorn has just whispered in my ear that Arwen told him he had better not be late home or else, so I will cut this speech short. A very big thank you to you all.Linda Hoyland

You can read the story at

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