lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

A Time to Reap and Shadow and Thought - just curious

I'm finally getting round to posting "A Time to Reap" on SOA, and other archives and am getting quite a few hits but hardly reviews.

Is everyone who who is reading it,re- reading?

Usually when I post stories I get an aqual amout of comments on and SOA and intend in future to post on all the archives at the same time after getting each story properly edited.

The same thing is happening to my rewrite of "Shadow and Thought" on of hits and very few comments.Has every one read that before too?

For the record, I have made quite a few changes in "Shadow and Thought" and very few in " A Time to Reap". Any differences you may note on SOA are edits to suit the site and my read version is on and N&N as well as the new gen fic site at

If you are reading Shadow and Thought

I have never read it before
I am re-reading it because it has been revised

I am reading A Time to Reap

For the first time
I am re-reading it

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