lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

Bad writing fun

spikesgirl58 had a fun contest based on the Bulmer Lytton Contest for the most badly written opening sentence so I wrote this.

Aragorn wondered where Faramir was; they were supposed to be working on a treaty with Harad together, but there was no sign of his Steward on this dark and stormy night, which might have fell creatures abroad, which could have attacked Faramir on his way to the King's study, especially as he was recovering from a wound inflicted by an arrow accidentally shot by Legolas when they had gone hunting last week, which had really upset the poor Elf who had given Faramir an Elven bow by way of compensation that Faramir now had in his study, to Eowyn's dismay in case the children got hold of it and got hurt because Elboron once pricked his finger on his father's sword which made him cry until she promised him honey cakes for tea, which made Aragorn wonder if Faramir might be eating cake and have forgotten the meeting.

It was great fun trying to write the worse sentence I could think of!

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