lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

The Priest King

B2MeM Prompt:O75- Archetypes – High Priest
Format: double drabble
Genre: spiritual
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Characters: Aragorn
Pairings: none
Creators notes:Tolkien says in “Unfinished Tales” if I'm not mistaken that Aragorn restored the custom of offering the first fruits to the One. I also mention this in “A Time to Reap” and “Stairway to Heaven”.
Summary: Aragorn offers the first fruits to the One.

Aragorn would never grow accustomed to the feeling as he stood in the Hallow, Here, he came not as King but as High Priest; interceding for his people with the One, the bridge between Divine and Men. He spake the three prayers as had his forebears in Númenor of old and offered up the first fruits He stretched out his arms towards the heavens and prayed from his heart. “I beseech, thee, Ilúvatar, bestow thy blessings upon my people and my land. Make me worthy as their ruler. Help me to guide them wisely and well, seeking only good.”

The sun broke through the clouds and light shone upon him.

A rushing of wind disturbed the still air. Two mighty eagles hovered above him. Aragorn bowed his head. The One had sent Manwë 's messengers to show that his offering was accepted.

The eagles each grasped a fruit in their talons and flew away, rising higher and higher until they vanished from sight.

Aragorn's heart overflowed with love and awe. Silently, he gave thanks. In this moment, he was part of the great vastness of the music of creation, part of all that is and was and is to be.

Tags: btmem2019, double drabble, drabbles

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