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The Picnic

B2MeM Prompt:.B11Person vs self- Overcoming Disappointment. Colour Burst5- Blue- River. Apothecary's Garden – hollyhock/sore throat
Format: ficlet
Genre: childhood, h/c, fluff
Characters:Aragorn, Eldarion, Faramir, OFC
Creator’s Notes (optional)
Summary: Eldarion is upset to miss an outing.

Eldarion had been looking forward to the picnic for weeks His Naneth and Ada had promised to take him and his baby sister to the river bank. Uncle Faramir and Aunt Éowyn and their children were coming and Ambassador Tahir and Lady Adiva and their family. He would have so many other children to play with! Sometimes, his parents invited the young sons of the Guards to play with him, but most of the time it was just him and his baby sister. She didn't play, she just slept all the time or cried and was really boring.

He woke up early on the morning of the long-awaited excursion. Something was not right, though, his throat felt all scratchy and sore and his head ached. When his nanny drew back the curtains he could only croak in reply to her cheerful greeting.

“You sound as if you have a cold,” said his nanny. “I will fetch your father.”

“No!” croaked Eldarion. “It is nothing.”

“It doesn't sound like nothing to me!” said the nanny. She bustled away and returned a few minutes later with his father. The King looked anxious.

“I hear you have a sore throat, Eldarion,” said his father, placing a hand on Eldarion's brow. “It seems you have a fever too. You must stay in bed today.”

“Ada, no!” Eldarion protested. “I'm not ill. Please don't make me stay I bed!”

“I am sorry ion nîn , your fever might get worse if you were to go out and you could make the other children ill too. I shall tell your tutor not to come for a few days. I will mix you some hollyhock tea to ease your throat then you must rest.”

Eldarion burst into tears. His father held him close. “I know you are disappointed but I promise you I will take you to the river once you are fully recovered.”

“But I wanted to go today!”

“I know you did, but you cannot. You will have to be patient and stay at home.”

“Stay with me then, Ada.”

“I am sorry but I am expected at the picnic. Nanny will stay with you and I will be back ere sundown.”

Eldarion pulled a face but knew it was useless to argue with his father. Truth to tell, he did not feel very well at all. His father left and returned a few minutes later with a cup filled with a nasty tasting brew which he insisted Eldarion drink every last drop of. He then said goodbye, his Naneth tucked him up and kissed his brow and they departed leaving Eldarion in his nanny's care.

The little boy spent a miserable few days in which every mouthful hurt to swallow and he coughed and sneezed and shivered. After his Naneth and Ada returned from the picnic, one or the other of them was always at his side bringing him a mixture of soothing drinks and nasty medicines. They entertained him by singing to him and telling him stories.

After two weeks had passed, Eldarion had fully recovered and almost forgotten how miserable his cold had made him feel. It felt good to enjoy playing with his toys again, but less good to resume his lessons.

One evening his Adar came to read him a bedtime story and said. “How would you like to go boating with Uncle Faramir and I tomorrow?”

Eldarion's eyes lit up. He knew his father sometimes went rowing with Uncle Faramir but he had never been allowed to go with them. “ Yes please! Can I really?”

“As long as you promise to be very good and sit still while we are on the water.”

“I promise.”

Eldarion was certain this was the most wonderful day of his life. He rode on his pony with his Ada and Uncle Faramir down to the Anduin. There his father untied a small rowing boat from its moorings and he and Uncle Faramir took turns to row. Adar had produced a basket filled with all his favourite foods including honey cakes and they had eaten a picnic while in the boat on the river! Then they had fished and Eldarion had caught one. They returned to shore and cooked the fish over a campfire Uncle Faramir had kindled.

When they returned home it was almost sunset.

“Did you enjoy your outing?” Naneth asked Eldarion.

“It was the best outing ever!” the little boy replied. “Far more fun than just an ordinary picnic like I missed!”

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