lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,
lindahoyland stats

I was thrilled to see on the stats page that "Web of Treason" has passed 100,000 hits today !

I know it is 64 chapters,but still a nice feeling! Only "Burden of Guilt" has had more hits when LOTR was still basking in the films afterglow.

I find the reader traffic interesting.In the 3 months since it has been running, October has so far been my best month and September my worst.

I have had visitors from 56 countries and the top five this month are

4.The Netherlands

What are other people's experiences? I was surprised Estonia was in 5th place and 3 of the top five are not English speaking countries.I also have readers from such diverse places as Serbia, Peru, Nigeria,The Gulf States, Burma,Russia and India! Admitedly some of these places have only one reader each,but still fascinating!
I'm also pleased that old stories are being read,which is a nice feeling that they are not forgotten.

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