lindahoyland (lindahoyland) wrote,

The quiz from my party

I forgot to post this if you want to play along.

1 What is the capital of Greece?

2 Which Greek island was Filipos born on?

3 Name a Greek cheese

4 Who was the Greek opera singer, most famed for her portrayal of “Tosca”

5 Who was the Greek god of the sun and the arts?

6 Who is the Queen married to?

7 Which royal prince was married in May?

8 What spacecraft landed on the moon?

9 In the Bible, who was Jacob's oldest son?

10 Which actor starred in “Titanic” and “Catch me if you Can?”

11 What is the currency of Greece?

12 Complete the saying, It's all – to me”

13 Who was Alexander the Great's father?

14 In the Bible, who was also known as Didymus, the twin?

15 In the novel, his best friends were Ron and Hermione.

16 A dry anise-flavoured aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece,

17 Sign of the zodiac from July 23-August 22

18 The eighth of these English kings had six wives.

19 A country in south eastern Europe with thousands of islands.

20 This character in Alice in Wonderland vanished leaving only its grin.

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