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Daft Fanfic ideas

I've just been playing with the Random Fanfic Generator.

These were the best/ worst? plots it came up with after many tries. I kept going till I got Aragorn!

This fanfic is about Finrod Felagund (The Silmarillion) getting drunk with Miss Dashwood the Elder (Sense and Sensibility). Cho Hakkai (Saiyuki) makes unwelcome advances.

This fanfic is about Sam Gamgee (LOTR) and a treasure-hunter. Important to the plot: The Shroud of Turin.

This fanfic swaps the casts of The Silmarillion and The Ordinary Princess. Important to the plot: Mozart's last symphony.

This fanfic is about the cast of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen going to a bar with the cast of One Tree Hill. Gimli (Lord of the Rings) gets drunk because of it.

This fanfic is about Mr. Tumnus (Chronicles of Narnia) as a ranger in Gondor.

This fanfic is about Mike Logan (Law and Order) fighting Bill the Pony (LotR) with an army of clones. Important to the plot: A stash of money.

This fanfic is about Gimli (Lord of the Rings) and a starship engineer in Paragon City.

This fanfic is about B'Elanna Torres (ST:Voyager) fighting Brother (Final Fantasy X-2) with an army of clones.

This fanfic is about Mrs. Bennett (Jane Austen) as a king in Narnia.

This fanfic is about Aragorn (Lord of the Rings) fighting a leader with psychic powers.

This fanfic is about the cast of Sex and the City as rangers in Mordor.

This fanfic is about Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) fighting Anubis with a high-tech racing car.

This fanfic is about Remus Lupin (Harry Potter) as a shuttlecraft pilot.

This fanfic is about Bellatrix Black (HP) and Grace (Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Important to the plot: An orbital mind control laser.

This fanfic is about Harpo Marx (Marx Brothers) in a racing contest with Krycek (The X-Files). Apu (The Simpsons) can't stand it.

This fanfic is about the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation as daycare employees in Heaven.

This fanfic is about Miss Marple fighting the cast of Monty Python and the Holy Grail with a transforming robot.

This fanfic is about the cast of When Harry Met Sally holding a charity auction with the cast of Tripping the Rift onboard the Starship Enterprise.

This fanfic is about Neelix (Voyager) fighting a necromancer with a magical artifact.
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