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I thought it time I made a pinned post. This LJ is where I post photos and the occasional story.
I have an open friending policy, anyone is welcome to friend me, I'll friend you back if we appear to have things in common and your LJ interests me.
You are welcome to share any of my publically posted photos of cats or flowers as long as you credit me. You are welcome to use my photos for icons. banners and so forth.

Likewise, you are welcome to download, translate, copy and share my Fanfic stories as long as I am named as the author.

You can read more about me on my profile.

If you don't like cats, you won't like this LJ.

Der Ring des Nibelungen

I've loved the Ring Cycle since I was 14. That was why I first explored Tolkien as I knew his work was based on the same myths.

When I was 15 or 16 we were allowed to create a project of our own choosing in school needlework class and I chose to create this. I'm not good at sewing or embroidery so am surprised I ever managed the project! I'd no idea where it was and was pleased to find it again today after having a clear-out.

My stories "Shadow and Thought", "Web of Treason" and "A Time to Reap" are heavily influenced by Wagner's operas too. He was an unpleasant man but his characters have a Shakespearian depth and the music describes emotions like no other.


The black suns represent the curse on the ring.
Thomas Leo3

Another Award for Thomas Leo


Curleys online pet show


Thank you everyone for entering are happiness challenge, it has been incredible difficult to choose from all the amazing entries and absolutely wonderful to see such happy beautiful babies.

We had 3 different judges choosing two entries each

Congratulations 🥳

Thomas Leo
Leah Ted,Patch

You have won a Mickey or Minnie Mouse rosette.

There were about 450 entries for this so I am very proud of Thomas Leo.


Everyone who has entered receives one free entry into the show excluding anything goes, for making it really hard for the judges as LOVED seeing all of your happy babies x