Filipos Apollo

It's been 2 years

Two years ago today, Filipos Apollo arrived from Syros, brought on the last leg of his journey by some friends who live in Kent. I was very apprehensive but he settled in at once and I could not have a more loving and affectionate cat. He is very smart and devoted to me. I've never regretted my decision to adopt a Syros cat.

Filipos is currently featured on a Pet show page. This what it says.

Filipos was rescued as a poorly kitten, the before photo was taken at Gods Little People’s vets and many of you know Filipos, he’s a STAR cat now!

🐈Here is how (Linda) came to adopt Filipos Apollo: I started to follow “God's Little People's “ Facebook page after reading a blog article and fell in love with one of their cats but thought it impossible for me to adopt him as I'm not wealthy or able to travel. Joan Bowell, the charity's owner said it should be possible, but sadly the cat proved too nervous for the long journey from Syros. By this time, I'd set my heart on a Syros cat so Joan suggested a kitten as local vet often rescues kittens.

🐈I was planning to wait a while as I have 3 cats and had just acquired a new kitten from a friend, but I saw a video on the vet's page of a kitten who was rescued after being trapped in a car engine and fell in love.

🐈Joan contacted the vet and I was soon told Filipos Apollo, as I decided to call him, was mine. He was raised by Greek foster mothers. Meanwhile Joan arranged his transport to the UK and fund raised to pay his travel costs.

🌟Filipos arrived on 21st November 2017 and settled in very quickly. He has a huge personality and is very affectionate and vocal. He loves to sit on my lap and sleep beside me in bed.

🌟I enter him in online contests to promote these beautiful and underappreciated Syros cats and he has won many awards.

🐈I cannot thank God's Little People enough for making it possible for me to share my life with this beautiful cat from Syros.

🐈Another fabulous success story Gods Little People Cat Rescue:

The day Filipos arrived.

Filipos now

An Award for Filipos Apollo

He is collecting some lovely Halloween rosettes!


Tillypop and friends online pet show ⭐ STAR ⭐ in aid of Tillypop and Lizzie

Trick or treat - Results
Judged by C.Roebuck

42 entries

4th - Filipo Apollo -You have won a rosette and medal

Results of the Pointers in need Show

This was a small show.

Fun Dog & Pet Show in aid of Pointers in Need


1st place pets beautiful boys and through to the group final Reuben Redfur <3 6 photos entered.

Filipos Apollo, Thomas Leo & Harry.

Special Rosette for Funniest Photo - 27 photos entered


3rd Place Fancy Dress - 14 Photos entered


3rd place appealing eyes Reuben Redfur - 10 Photos entered


5th Place - Best friends - 17 photos entered

A Show that's important to me

As you most likely know, I take part in lots of online shows. One of my reasons for doing so is to promote the plight of cats in Greece. I tell the organisers about God's Little People, the Charity that arranged Filipos adoption and one was so impressed they agreed to feature God's Little People in their current show and devote half their proceeds to them! The rest of the proceeds help hedgehogs, another worthy cause.

This could be a wonderful boost for the charity, but only if enough people take part. It would mean a lot to me for the show and this great charity to do well.

The show organisers are lovely and it is very well run and open to pets worldwide.

Please if you have pets consider entering them, it is only £1 a photo and there are offers each week and gorgeous rosettes to be won. All pets are welcome and payment is by paypal.

If you are not on Facebook and we are LJ friends, I'd be happy to send in the photos for you.


If you don't have any pets, I'm donating £5 from the sale of each of my Filipos Apollo Calendars to God's Little People Cat Rescue.
So far, I've only sold 1!

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