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Recent updates - Halloween

I have just posted the final chapter of "Spirit of Gondor"

I've started posting expanded and polished versions of my ficlets written for the AA list on various sites. I have called them "Tales of Telcontar" and labelled each story as such.

So far I have posted 

The Gift of Dawn 

Partners in Crime

Morning has Broken

Let Sleeping Kings Lie

I have also posted a short story

In my End is my Beginning

Some of you may remember the "Alphabet  of Arda drabbles" I wrote for the "There and Back" challenge. I am polishing those and posting them at
and with illustrations at 

Raksha and I are working hard on the next chapter of "A Time to Reap" in which things get ever more difficult for our heroes, which will be posted in a few days.

I had my drabble "Wink of an Eye" accepted at HASA yesterday!

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